Breeding techniques applied to the blakliz

By Rey Bajenting, originator of the blakliz

Corrective mating

The idea is to correct whatever limitations exist in a certain individual or flock. A line of slow cocks should be corrected by introducing speed blood into it as what I did when I acquired a fast kill winner black bonanza from famous breeder Jessie Ledesma to introduce more speed to an early version of the blakliz.


For complete story of the balkliz, read the E-book  for FREE... Guide to practical breeding click image above or this link  https://blakliz.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/breeding-the-blakliz-new.pdf

For complete story of the balkliz, read the E-book for FREE… “Guide to Practical Breeding” click image above or this link https://blakliz.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/breeding-the-blakliz-new.pdf

Corrective mating is an effective tool for practical breeders. Another is upgrading. Upgrading is the introduction of new bloodlines that are deemed better than our existing ones. In the development of the blakliz we did this when we put in the bonanza and later, the Aguirre grey and the blue face and form new families.


Infusion is the bringing in of a new blood and then slowly breeding it out. The difference between upgrading and infusion is that in a series of upgrading the old bloodline will eventually be phased out, while in infusion the object is to restore the old bloodline with a little change in the genetic composition.


Intervention is a word we coined at RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology for another sort of a breeding-in-breeding-out technique because we did not know what the proper genetics term was, if any. There might be times that we will desire a new look in a bloodline we want to maintain. For example we have a family of hatch that we want to keep, but at the same time we desire to make them black in plumage. What we do is breed the hatch to a black family. Continuous breeding of dark plumage back to the hatch side will produce chickens that are almost pure of the hatch family but are black in plumage. Intervention differs from infusion in purpose. In infusion, we want the new blood to perish without trace. In intervention we want to keep in the old bloodline the new trait we introduce.

Thus, when we put in the bonanza blood in the blakliz and keep a large dose of the blood, it was upgrading. When we put in the blue face and slowly bred it out, it was infusion. When we put in the. Aguirre grey and retained the dirty grey plumage while slowly breeding out the grey blood, it was intervention that led to another version of the blakliz—the midnight grey.


RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology coined the word perfogenetics meaning to breed the game fowl based mainly on fighting performance without so much regard for purity of the bloodline. The main concern of perfogenetics is the purification of fighting traits, not the bloodline. Perfogenetics is simple genetics of performance. In cock-fighting, there are traits that have little or nothing to do with the chicken‟s fighting performance. Conversely, there are traits that have everything to do with winning and losing. Examples of the former are comb type, leg color, plumage color and even mythical winning scales.

Examples of the latter are cutting accuracy, gameness, fighting ability, and positive physical attributes such as good body conformation, balance and gait. Perfogenetics is simply concentrating on the latter, although not necessarily disregarding the former, because phenotypes that constitute breed standards are a must in a bloodline.

Progressive sequence

The desire of all breeders is to improve his stock from one generation to another. Meaning, the current generation should be better than the previous one. This is progressive sequence program of breeding. This is the goal in developing the blakliz. This could be measured objectively by comparing the pit performances of the current and the previous generations; or subjectively by comparing the attributes of the stags to the father.

Intra-family rolling system

Rolling system is breeding the best of the current generation to the best of the previous one. The cocks are breed to pullets and the stags to hens. I adhere to this system as on one hand this will result in progression as, per my goal, the current generation must be better than the previous. On the other hand, because I am using the best brood cocks and hens of the preceding generation I would gain the benefit of using a proven individual at least on one side of every mating.

The keyword is “Best.” Always use the best individuals according to your goals For example if you are breeding for speed, the best individual is the fastest. Though, you still have to consider other side fac-tors. You don’t use the fastest individual if it demonstrated some flaws.

Practical goal

In the making of the blakliz I did not concern myself with too many technical matters. Practical breeding does not deal with in-depth genetics. Rather it sets realistic desirable objectives and try to achieve these goals as economically as possible in terms of time, money and effort.

After all, my goals are realistic—a bloodline that can compete with dignity; one that is affordable and available to common breeders; and something I can call my own.


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